EV Rider Afikim Breeze S4

Breeze S4
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An Impressive Driving Range

The Afiscooter Breeze S4 is a winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. It offers an impressive driving range, an ergonomic design to make the ride comfortable, a programmable electronic controller, an LCD control screen and LED headlights. The Afiscooter Breeze S4 has a fully adjustable tiller and an optional canopy for protection from the sun and light rain. The Afiscooter Breeze S4 has a fully adjustable, orthopedic seat and a shock-absorbing steel frame.

The 4-wheeled model suspension and steering systems provide a pleasurable car-like driving experience on long-distance trips.

Overall Length64.4 in / 1,635 mm
71.6 in / 1,820 mm
Overall Width27 in / 680 mm
Folded height(C) – for transport37.4 in / 950 mm
Overall height without Canopy49 in / 1250 mm
Overall Height with Canopy65 in / 1640 mm
Ground Clearance5 in / 125 mm
Total Weight364 lbs / 165 kg
Load Capacity450 lbs / 200 kg
MotorCT6-CMT 24V DC Drive Unit
≤16V, ≤70Amp, 1400W
≤ 70dB/1m@50db
Mass of the heaviest part (H)51 lbs / 23 kg (Battery)
Maximum Range25-32 mile / 40-50 km
Obstacle climbing4.5 in / 120 mm
Maximum speed forward**9.3 Mph / 15.0 km/h
Minimum braking distance from max speed***9.8 ft / 3,000 mm (on the flat)
Front Wheels13″ Pneumatic
Rear Wheels17″ Pneumatic
Pneumatic Tyres4.10/3.50-6″
Pressure of front tyres:
Pressure of rear tyres:
25 psi / 1.7 bars
25 psi / 1.7 bars
Batteries (pair)12V x 73AH
Charger8A Onboard
Turning Radius86.6″
Seat plane angle
Seat Dimension20″ (W) x 18″ (D) | 33″ (W) x 18″ (D)
Footrest to seat distance (at
front edge) (O)
17 in / 430 mm
19.3 in / 490 mm
Backrest angle (P)90° – 105°
Backrest height25.5 in / 650 mm
Armrest to seat distance (K)11.5 in / 292 mm
Handrim diameter (S)1 in / 25 mm
Charger for charging dry/gel acid battery24VDC max charge 8 Amp.
Static stability downhill (T)>20″
Static stability uphill (V)>13″
Static stability sideways (X)>10″
Dynamic stability uphill>10″

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6 months Warranty on Spare Parts

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