EV Rider Afikim Sportster SE

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 A Stable and Safe Ride 

The classic model is a design milestone of Afiscooters and has become an icon in the world of personal electric mobility. It provides a stable and safe ride in any environment and on any terrain. The strong steel chassis and rear power unit combine strength with a long driving range and impressive load capacity. An orthopedic seat offers maximum comfort, and the simple and reliable electronic command system makes the Sportster SE Scooter extremely easy to operate.

Overall Length62″ / 157 cm
Overall Width29″ / 74 cm
Overall Height (at Maximum Tiller Height)49″ / 124 cm
Overall Height – at Minimum Tiller Height37”/95 cm
Legroom – Floorboard Length x Width43*43 cm / 17”*17”
Deck Height – Floorboard to Floor6”/16 cm
Ground Clearance5″ / 12 cm
Turning Radius45″ / 114 cm
Weight with Std.218 lbs / 98 kg
Weight without Batteries322 lbs / 146 kg
Seat Type20”
Seat – Width & Depth & Height20″ / 45 cm
Seat – Cushion Thickness5”/13 cm
Seat Height – Cushion to Deck16.5”/42 cm
Seat Height – Cushion to Floor23”/ 58 cm

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3 years Limited Warranty on Frame

1 year Limited Warranty on Electronics

6 months Limited Warranty on Spare Parts

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